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With more than $1.4 trillion in student debt holding back Americans of all ages and backgrounds, the time has come for a change. Instead of cutting Pell Grants, unleashing debt collectors, dismantling public education, and forcing faculty to rely on public assistance, it’s time for a plan that offers students, faculty, borrowers, and families the support they need.

We’re ready for the College For All Act to give students—past, present, and future—an equitable path to a college degree, a debt-free future, and return higher education to the public.

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80770 4 months ago Monte Strand Poulsbo, WA
80769 4 months ago Cheryl Keeney Magnet, IN Everyone should have the chance to go to college.
80768 4 months ago Hayley Keeney Magnet, IN
80767 4 months ago Andrew Van Der Plaats North fort Myers, FL
80766 4 months ago Gay Randall Balsam lake , WI
80765 4 months ago Robert Oberdorf Plantation, FL
80764 4 months ago Mary Zack Worthington , OH
80763 4 months ago Kay Musser Ann Arbor , MI
80762 4 months ago Suzanne Einhorn Houston, TX
80761 4 months ago Dave King Portland, OR housing costs, books and tuition are all costing more.
80760 4 months ago Teri Brantley Dublin, CA
80759 4 months ago Meya Law Forestville, MD
80758 4 months ago Rodney Hinson Simpsonville , SC
80757 4 months ago Monique Rubin Sebastopol, CA Education is a human right, and should be treated as such in the richest country on earth. All the studies show a high school education is not sufficient to earn a most basic living.
80756 4 months ago Jo Beth Dempsey East Grand Forks, MN
80755 4 months ago Neill Armstrong Nacogdoches , TX
80754 4 months ago Martha W D Bushnell Louisville, CO
80753 4 months ago Helen Bailey McKinney, TX
80752 4 months ago Theresa Rodgers Campbell Shawnee, KS
80751 4 months ago Neil Cutler South Salem, NY
80750 4 months ago Anonymous San Francisco, CA
80749 4 months ago Joe Whitmore jr Elizabethtown , PA It would be the best thing for our economy and stead of giving money to the Rich if we can clear the student that they will be able to buy the things they need to live which would help I can't to me...
80748 4 months ago Carl Williams White Plains, NY
80747 4 months ago Gloria Monteros Hawthorne, CA
80746 4 months ago Gary Demblowski Brothel Park, PA
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