Tell the Democrats to include student debt policies in their "A Better Deal" for America agenda.

To be delivered to the Democratic National Committee

This petition has a goal of 25000 signatures
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12776 1 month ago Rogelio Aguirre CA
12775 1 month ago Susan Mayer San Diego, CA
12774 1 month ago Joannie Canada Miami, FL
12773 1 month ago Toby Williams Brooklyn, NY
12772 1 month ago Lily Mejia Hemet, CA
12771 1 month ago Julia Figueroa Hellertown, PA
12770 1 month ago Julia Figueroa Hellertown, PA
12769 1 month ago Rachel Rakaczky Yerington, NV
12768 1 month ago Kathe Hertzberg Yonkers, NY
12767 1 month ago Kraig and Valerie Schweiss STERLING, IL
12766 1 month ago Travis Foster Grand Rapids, MI
12765 1 month ago Eva Suga Spring, CA
12764 1 month ago Debra Johnson Mankato, MN
12763 1 month ago Debra Johnson Mankato, MN
12762 1 month ago Chris Scott Camarillo , CA
12761 1 month ago MaryAnne Glazar Berkeley, CA
12760 1 month ago Janet Hellweg Natick, MA
12759 1 month ago Judy Silverstein Spokane, WA
12758 1 month ago Tom Hilgartner Charleston, WV Education serves society--it's not supposed to fill the wallets of fat cat bankers and millionaires.

Free public colleges now!
12757 1 month ago Maury Grimm la Jara, CO
12756 1 month ago Brian * Galloway Tacoma, Washington, WA A one-size-fits-all solution creates more problems than it solves. Repayment options must be crafted to recognize individuals' unique circumstances. It is unjust to treat a 24 year old recent grad t...
12755 1 month ago Jacki Hunter Hollywood, CA
12754 1 month ago Kathryn Webb Rosedale, MD
12753 1 month ago Gail Colard Ayer, MA I have been battling getting disability for years for severe lower back pain and now just 4 weeks ago I had major surgery. How can I pay anything back when I cannot work and have not been able to wo...
12752 1 month ago Jana Rieck Roseville, MN
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