Tell the Democrats to include student debt policies in their "A Better Deal" for America agenda.

To be delivered to the Democratic National Committee

This petition has a goal of 25000 signatures
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12776 11 months ago Rogelio Aguirre CA
12775 11 months ago Susan Mayer San Diego, CA
12774 11 months ago Joannie Canada Miami, FL
12773 11 months ago Toby Williams Brooklyn, NY
12772 11 months ago Lily Mejia Hemet, CA
12771 11 months ago Julia Figueroa Hellertown, PA
12770 11 months ago Julia Figueroa Hellertown, PA
12769 11 months ago Rachel Rakaczky Yerington, NV
12768 11 months ago Kathe Hertzberg Yonkers, NY
12767 11 months ago Kraig and Valerie Schweiss STERLING, IL
12766 11 months ago Travis Foster Grand Rapids, MI
12765 11 months ago Eva Suga Spring, CA
12764 11 months ago Debra Johnson Mankato, MN
12763 11 months ago Debra Johnson Mankato, MN
12762 11 months ago chris scott Camarillo , CA
12761 11 months ago MaryAnne Glazar Berkeley, CA
12760 11 months ago Janet Hellweg Natick, MA
12759 11 months ago Judy Silverstein Spokane, WA
12758 11 months ago Tom Hilgartner Charleston, WV Education serves society--it's not supposed to fill the wallets of fat cat bankers and millionaires.

Free public colleges now!
12757 11 months ago Maury Grimm la Jara, CO
12756 11 months ago Brian * Galloway Tacoma, Washington, WA A one-size-fits-all solution creates more problems than it solves. Repayment options must be crafted to recognize individuals' unique circumstances. It is unjust to treat a 24 year old recent grad t...
12755 11 months ago Jacki Hunter Hollywood, CA
12754 11 months ago Kathryn Webb Rosedale, MD
12753 11 months ago Gail Colard Ayer, MA I have been battling getting disability for years for severe lower back pain and now just 4 weeks ago I had major surgery. How can I pay anything back when I cannot work and have not been able to wo...
12752 11 months ago Jana Rieck Roseville, MN
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