Tell the Democrats to include student debt policies in their "A Better Deal" for America agenda.

To be delivered to the Democratic National Committee

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12726 12 months ago Edith Torres Orange City, FL When American post graduates are living in near poverty to repay astronomical debt, deciding between food or healthcare, it is time for changes in how this country expects to educate its citizens.
12725 12 months ago Stephen O’Toole PA
12724 12 months ago Ciara Kilian Stamford, CT The student loan debt crisis is by far one of the biggest issues facing America and Congress has done next to nothing to help. Access to education is a fundamental human right and shouldn’t come wi...
12723 12 months ago Andrés Gallego Washington, DC
12722 12 months ago Elizabeth Hubler Grand Rapids, MI
12721 12 months ago Jillian LaBrie South Lake Tahoe, CA
12720 12 months ago Debbie Jarvis Arvada, CO I have paid my loan payments for years and I have no confidence that the Trump administration will forgive student loans. Please help people like me get the rest of my student loans forgiven before...
12719 12 months ago Lela Dotson-Snell CHICAGO, IL
12718 12 months ago Roberto Carlos Pico Rivera, CA
12717 12 months ago Jaclyn Speights Akron, AL
12716 12 months ago Rachel Kinkoph Beech Grove , IN
12715 12 months ago Teanna Weeks South Euclid, OH
12714 12 months ago Halimah Allah Altadena, CA
12713 12 months ago Kevin Sicard independence, OR We need to move toward free higher education for those that are willing to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in those professions vital to our national security.
For all others, grants and interest fr...
12712 12 months ago Kevin Peterson Sacramento, CA
12711 12 months ago Shannon Kemena Elk Grove, CA
12710 12 months ago Theresa Walls Indianapolis, IN
12709 12 months ago Marilyn Livingston Augusta, MI
12708 12 months ago Virginia Nelson Lamesa, TX
12707 12 months ago Anonymous Deerfield Beach , FL Why should young people have to pay interest over decades? Doesn’t the government want college grads to increase the GDP....
12706 12 months ago Hunter Aldrich cambridge, MA
12705 12 months ago Pat Long Roebuck, SC
12704 12 months ago Deborah Costas Wilmington, DE
12703 12 months ago Douglas Brooks Brooklyn , NY
12702 12 months ago Julie Pearson Cupertino, CA Make education affordable. The integrity of this country relies on educated people.
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