Tell Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan: 'The GOP Tax Scam is a disaster for students and borrowers'
To be delivered to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan


Dear Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan,
I am writing to express my strong opposition to the recently passed GOP tax bill.
Your GOP tax bill will add over $1 trillion to the national deficit. This money would be better used to cancel nearly all of America’s existing student loan debt.
Your tax bill would eliminate the health insurance mandate, kicking the legs out from under the Affordable Care Act and causing 13 million Americans to lose coverage.
Also, your bill will create severe cuts to state budgets all over the country. Decreasing public investment in higher education means students and their families will be forced to shoulder the increasing cost of college.
I will not accept future attacks on students, borrowers, and all hard-working Americans.
Enough is enough.

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15717 8 months ago Rebecca Lister
15716 8 months ago Joann Lowes
15715 8 months ago Meredith Skeath
15714 8 months ago Marian Wenink
15713 8 months ago Sharon McKeon
15712 8 months ago Frances Frodsham Guess you think Joe Average fell off a turnip truck - in case you didn't notice many of us DON'T support this bill. Talk about the Reverse Robin Hood scheme. Why should my tax dollar give more to ...
15711 8 months ago Anonymous
15710 8 months ago Barbara Mancini Republicans are again lining their already bulging
And money loaded pockets. Time to stop and pass
Genuine legislature!
15709 8 months ago john s
15708 8 months ago Anonymous
15707 8 months ago Pamela Clark
15706 8 months ago Anonymous Higher education is being demanded more and more to obtain any kind of decent job, why are we being over-charged to become more educated or to help our children become more educated??? Why must fami...
15705 8 months ago Leticia Rossy
15704 8 months ago Gary Grice
15703 8 months ago Gary Grice
15702 8 months ago Anonymous
15701 8 months ago Jeffrey DeCristofaro I am so ashamed of you! This is the final straw! All of NC now goes to WAR with you!
15700 8 months ago A C
15699 8 months ago Anonymous This bill, like the rest of Trump and the Republican's efforts to sabotage the infrastructure of America, is a sham, a travesty and an attack on REAL Americans! You have made enough enemies - don't ...
15698 8 months ago Anonymous we the people need to regain our leadership of this great country we are voting and not being represented this whole system needs to go back to the people all of us need to vote or all of us should...
15697 8 months ago Melissa Brown Blaeuer The GOP political calculus to gut public education funding, universal medical programs and sustainable wellness knowledge, and the social safety net is truly immoral. Equally immoral is the embrace ...
15696 8 months ago Anonymous
15695 8 months ago Harriet Barone This bill is an attack on the American people. You care nothing for your constituents and they are realizing it.
15694 8 months ago Helgaleena Healingline
15693 8 months ago Mario Salazar Unbelievable how this bill obviously is screwing everyone except the uber rich. I still don't understand why middle class and poor republicans still support them. I know they are dogmatic but even...
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