Tell Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan: 'The GOP Tax Scam is a disaster for students and borrowers'
To be delivered to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan


Dear Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan,
I am writing to express my strong opposition to the recently passed GOP tax bill.
Your GOP tax bill will add over $1 trillion to the national deficit. This money would be better used to cancel nearly all of America’s existing student loan debt.
Your tax bill would eliminate the health insurance mandate, kicking the legs out from under the Affordable Care Act and causing 13 million Americans to lose coverage.
Also, your bill will create severe cuts to state budgets all over the country. Decreasing public investment in higher education means students and their families will be forced to shoulder the increasing cost of college.
I will not accept future attacks on students, borrowers, and all hard-working Americans.
Enough is enough.

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15819 10 months ago Diane Felci
15818 10 months ago Deirdre Jacobson Trickle-down economics is outdated junk theory. Ask any qualified economist. This is just stealing from the poor and middle class to handout more to the greedy super-wealthy.
15817 10 months ago Anonymous
15816 10 months ago Robert Meyer
15815 10 months ago Ernest Cooper
15814 10 months ago William Holby
15813 10 months ago Hilary Chason
15812 10 months ago Jane Linville I'm 68 and drowning in student loan debt as I help my daughter with her student loan. The 3% loan is not true. This is a scam to keep all but the rich from getting an education. The rich keep on ...
15811 10 months ago Mary Wells Why is the working class always the target? We represent those living paycheck to paycheck. We could self-sustain if they would stop robbing us!
15810 10 months ago Kristie Serrano
15809 10 months ago Suzan Matero
15808 10 months ago Dick Brown It is the students, hard works, and borrowers that will be vital to our collective futures. Why on earth would we EVEN THINK of kicking these resources away?!!!
15807 10 months ago Terrie Maines
15806 10 months ago Peter Burval
15805 10 months ago Sarah M
15804 10 months ago Thelma Silver
15803 10 months ago Tod Alan Spoerl
15802 10 months ago Joy Rosenberry Chase
15801 10 months ago Michele Langston
15800 10 months ago Dr. Douglas Bell Dead of night votes with only the bare minimum of votes REEK of corruption! Robbing the poor to pay the rich is OBSCENE!
15799 10 months ago Nick Bolduc
15798 10 months ago Sarah Hironaka
15797 10 months ago Mary Jaeger-Voss
15796 10 months ago Nicole Morris
15795 10 months ago Louise Sundin
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