Tell Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan: 'The GOP Tax Scam is a disaster for students and borrowers'
To be delivered to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan


Dear Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan,
I am writing to express my strong opposition to the recently passed GOP tax bill.
Your GOP tax bill will add over $1 trillion to the national deficit. This money would be better used to cancel nearly all of America’s existing student loan debt.
Your tax bill would eliminate the health insurance mandate, kicking the legs out from under the Affordable Care Act and causing 13 million Americans to lose coverage.
Also, your bill will create severe cuts to state budgets all over the country. Decreasing public investment in higher education means students and their families will be forced to shoulder the increasing cost of college.
I will not accept future attacks on students, borrowers, and all hard-working Americans.
Enough is enough.

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15760 1 month ago Jennifer Sweetland
15759 1 month ago Ingrid Nishimoto My daughter is a veterinarian and she will finish paying off her student loan debt about the time she retires.
15758 1 month ago Earnest Gardner Its okay for you to give welfare and entitlements to the top 1% and big corporations, but not for the middle class.
15757 1 month ago Anonymous
15756 1 month ago Kristina Mcmanus Please help.. we are drowning in debt. We can’t survice.
15755 1 month ago Lauren Murdock
15754 1 month ago Aidan Alexander-Walker Please listen to us. Please.
15753 1 month ago Ashley Petty
15752 1 month ago Amy HArrison
15751 1 month ago Robert Pepe
15750 1 month ago Donnie Daugherty
15749 1 month ago Dave Mount
15748 1 month ago Celinda Miller It seems incredibly irresponsible to add so much to the national deficit. It's not good for our country and I'm afraid we will be bearing the brunt of that debt in decreasing programs that lower to...
15747 1 month ago Marco Pardi
15746 1 month ago Andrew Nyren
15745 1 month ago Melissa Hannon
15744 1 month ago Marlene Lillo-Smith
15743 1 month ago Anonymous You corrupt cowards will fall just as hard as the "mad king" you have propped up and been complicit with in lying to, stealing from and destroying our country. The elections of 2018 will be the end...
15742 1 month ago Alger Newberry III The blatant disregard for the vast majority of the US population in this bill is repulsive. Elected officials should look out for their voters not their donors!
15741 1 month ago Jaclyn Green
15740 1 month ago Anonymous
15739 1 month ago Judy Genandt You goddamned fucking assholes. I'm amazed you're still alive.
15738 1 month ago Rick Bardach
15737 1 month ago Caroline Roberts
15736 1 month ago Abby Bateman
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