CNN: Stop Using Wall Street Talking Points – Social Security is Not Going Broke!

In the recent CNN Republican Presidential debate, moderator and CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash questioned the candidates about their plans to address the future of Social Security. In her questioning, Bash questioned Social Security’s solvency and said that “Social Security is projected to run out of money within 20 years.”

Too often, when the media reports on Social Security, they turn to Wall Street-funded think tanks like Third Way or the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget who consistently repeat false claims that Social Security will not be there for future generations, leading to a lack of confidence in the program.

Let us be clear – Social Security is not going broke. It has a $2.8 trillion surplus, can pay out 100% of benefits owed for the next 19 years and approximately 80% of benefits owed after that. And all we need to do is ask the wealthiest Americans to pay into Social Security at the same rate as everyone else and we can not only extend the lifespan of the Social Security trust fund, we can afford to expand benefits for millions of Americans.

We need to take a stand for truthful reporting that recognizes that our Social Security system works, and needs to be expanded to address the retirement income crisis, not cut to create more profits for Wall Street billionaires.

Join us in calling on Dana Bash to issue an on-air correction and stop repeating talking points ginned up by Wall Street billionaires and their "think tanks."

To Dana Bash, Chief CNN Political Correspondant:

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