Stand With Us Against The Shutdown And For Social Security


We're not in this fight alone - we're joining a coalition that includes Keith Ellison, John Conyers and Mark Takano and many more pro-Social Security members of Congress to form a major action at the US Capitol Building on Thursday, October 3rd, which will draw attention to the Social Security cuts before they can get snuck into the law - and we want you to stand with us online.

On Thursday, October 3,  our champions in Congress will link arms with working Americans, forging a visual chain in opposition to the chained CPI and all earned benefit cuts, joining us, Social Security Works, The Center For Community Change, Progressive Change Campaign Committee and many others. But to really catch attention, we need to be able to credibly communicate how many Americans stand with us for strengthening Social Security, not cutting it.

Join them by telling the rest of Congress and the President that we need to expand our Social Security system--not cut it!

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