Make Your Voice Heard


We are not going to sit around and wait quietly to see if our earned benefits are taken away from us. We have to make our voices heard.

President Obama is set to unveil his budget on March 4th, and when asked if it includes the chained CPI benefit cut his adviser said we needed to, "wait and just see what’s in the budget."

We are working with our champion Sen. Bernie Sanders and have 16 Senators who have signed a letter to the president urging him not to include benefit cuts in his budget. In the House, we have worked with 80 members on a similarly signed letter asking the president not to include the chained CPI benefit cut. And, now, we need to raise the volume even more! Help us deliver a petition with over 500,000 signatures demanding the president not include the chained CPI in his budget. With your help, we can get over 100 Members of Congress to stand with hundreds of thousands of Americans and reject the chained CPI benefit cut with one clear voice.

By signing this petition you will receive periodic updates and activism opportunities from Social Security Works and the Campaign for America's Future.