Congressional ERA

The ERA is non-partisan. Equality is fundamental human right. The text of the ERA reads: "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex." Type in your zip code below. Our advocacy tool will generate an email to urge them to take action.

"Every Constitution written since the end of World War II includes a provision that men and women are citizens of equal stature. Ours does not."
-- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

We demand equal rights. We need the ERA. Currently, federal and state laws do not and cannot fully protect equal rights for women and girls--and in some cases men and boys--under the law. This is because discrimination on account of sex is not barred by the Constitution. Antonin Scalia, Betty Ford, Patricia Ireland, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter have all asserted that the ERA is necessary for constitutional protection of equal rights for all.

While we are all thrilled that a joint resolution to remove the deadline for ratifying the ERA—SJ RES 15 and HJ RES 113—was introduced in Congress last week, we are also “Mad As Hell” that more of our elected officials have not yet signed on to co-sponsor this crucial legislation! It is up to US to DEMAND Congressional support from our Senators and Representatives by sending them a CLEAR message— We will not rest until women are recognized as full citizens of the United States under the United States Constitution.

The Equal Rights Amendment would provide blanket protection to women for all time. State laws can be overturned and repealed, thus reversing positive strides and eroding the rights and freedoms women should already have. As it stands, women do not have constitutional protection when it pertains to sexual and gender discrimination, fair and equal pay and the guarantee of a fair and balanced trial when a woman is raped—including women in the military. A yes vote by your Senator will send a positive and clear message that the time has come to recognize women as equal under the law in the United States of America. The arguments against the ERA have been weak and demonstrate a resistance toward progress as well as the intent to legislate inequality. America is one of the few industrialized nations that has not yet recognized its women as equals. It is now time to do the right thing and move our country forward.

Read the text of SJ Res 15 here | Read the text of HJ Res 113 here While you are on PopVox, voice your support for this legislation.