We need to know where everyone stands.

Have you felt the shift within the Democratic Party? Not long ago, in fact as recently as 2013, many Democrats including President Obama indicated a willingness to cut Social Security benefits. But things are changing quickly in Washington. Just before Congress left on their holiday recess, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) joined forces with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) to introduce a budget amendment to expand Social Security benefits for millions of Americans. And guess what? Expansion received support from 42 Senate Democrats. That’s over 90% of the Democratic caucus!

Expanding and protecting Social Security is quickly becoming one of the hottest issues in the country and a mainstream Democratic plank. With Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton having announced her candidacy, and other Democrats potentially jumping into the race this month, it is time to get all Democratic presidential candidates on the record supporting expansion.

Call on all Democratic presidential candidates to make Social Security expansion a cornerstone of their campaign platforms.

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