Tell your members of Congress to vote “No!” on Fast Track before it’s too late.

The Hatch/Wyden/Ryan Fast Track bill was introduced in Congress today; the threat is now very real.

Fast Track was born in the 1970s when trade negotiations were mostly about quotas and tariffs. It wasn’t such a good idea then, and today it is an even worse idea.

Here’s why: In addition to keeping Congress and the public in the dark, Fast Track was designed to create a special insider role for more than 500 corporate lobbyists who now function as official U.S. “trade advisers.”

That means that when Fast Track is in place, lobbyists get to shape U.S. trade policy—not Congress, and not the American people. (We’re not even allowed to read the text of what’s being negotiated.)

Please look up and enter your full nine-digit zip code for best results.

So-called “trade agreements” such as TPP contain pages and pages of rules that have nothing to do with trade. What they amount to is a corporate wish list for deregulation and unfettered access to natural resources that if put in place would roll back nearly every 20th century advance protecting consumers, workers, and the environment, and open us up to massive lawsuits from foreign corporations if we try to enforce regulations that interfere with profits – such as bans on tobacco ads, GMO labeling, anti-fracking regulations, Buy American incentives, or minimum wage standards.

Here’s a short list of what’s at risk: Food safety, affordable access to medicines, financial regulation, Internet freedom, clean energy, consumer safeguards, environmental protections, and Buy Local policies, to name just a few.

Tell your member of Congress to vote NO on Fast Track—and let them know that if they don’t, you WILL remember next November.