Tell Your Rep to Vote NO on TAA

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a massive corporate trade deal that will ship jobs overseas, erode wages at home, threaten environmental protection, and undercut Wall Street reform. Oh, and it’s secret deal that we are not allowed to read.

Fast-track authority would grant the President (and his successor) unilateral power to negotiate this deal in secret—for the next six years.

To placate these concerns, Congress would pass a companion bill that funds some "worker training" by cutting Medicare. The House overwhelmingly defeated this measure (called the Trade Adjustment Assistance) on June 12th, but then narrowly approved fast-track for the TPP anyway.

Right now, fast track cannot move forward without Trade Adjustment Assistance. Corporate lobbyists are pushing members of Congress on both sides—hoping to line up most Republicans, and squeeze out enough Democrats—to vote again so that Fast Track can go through.

Regardless of their party or current position, please call and send an e-mail to your member of Congress—urging them to vote no.