Senators Say No to Fast Track

According to, some $200 Million dollars was spent buying our representatives’ Yes votes on Fast Track*.

So ask your senator two questions:

  1. “How much were you paid to vote against your constituents and the environment?
  2. Is it worth losing your seat over this vote?

Call your Senators using the phone number below their name or use the AFL-CIO TPP Hotline 855-712-8441.

Here’s the message;keep it simple:

  1. Vote NO on fast track
  2. Don’t cave to GOP pressure
  3. Republicans are not our friends—their votes on TAA are a trap

Focus on pet concerns:
- Claire McCaskill of Missouri cares about seniors.
- Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray, Bill Nelson, and others have championed environmental and water concerns;
- Many other Democrats speak of income equality.

Ask your House member to publicly pressure your senators to stand with us. Trade Assistance is a fantasy once fast track is passed. Republicans see TAA as welfare—they will vote no once Fast Track passes. Democrats are on shaky ground.