End discrimination and boost Social Security by passing the ERA

In 1972, Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which would provide a path to reliable economic security for both women and men by guaranteeing that equal pay for equal work is enshrined in the United States Constitution. 43 years later, 35 states have ratified the ERA – leaving us three states short of full ratification.

Currently, federal and state laws do not and cannot fully protect equal rights for women and girls under the law. This is because discrimination on account of sex is not barred by the Constitution.

This inequity puts women behind on earnings for their whole careers—and since Social Security benefits reflect one’s earnings, it means that women fall behind in retirement, too. This isn’t fair, and it’s time to address this disparity at its root—by ratifying ERA and closing the gender pay gap.

Stand with People Demanding Action, Campaign for America’s Future and Social Security Works in supporting the Equal Rights Amendment. We will deliver your signatures to state legislatures across the country who are yet to ratify ERA.

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