Promise never to cut Social Security

In his final State of the Union, President Obama said “Social Security and Medicare are more important than ever; we shouldn’t weaken them, we should strengthen them.”

We agree, but before we can move ahead increasing benefits, we need to protect the benefits that we’ve already earned, and make sure that no one who seeks to represent us will seek to cut our benefits.

One thing is clear: if we want our next president to address the $7.7 trillion retirement security crisis and expand benefits for millions of Americans, we need to fight hard now. At a time when over half of households 55 and older have nothing saved for retirement, the need to expand earned Social Security benefits for current and future retirees – not cut benefits when Americans can least afford it.

Protecting and expanding Social Security is popular across the political spectrum with 79% of likely voters – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – supporting expansion. It is time for the policy makers in Washington to catch-up with the American people.

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