Tell Congress: It's Time to Expand Social Security to Include Paid Family Leave

In the 80 years since we built our Social Security system, we have expanded it to provide protections for workers in the event of long-term disability and the death of a spouse or caregiver. But when we need to take time off from work to care for family, Americans are at the mercy of their employers.

Now it is time to expand Social Security’s protections to include paid family and medical leave. We need a system to cover workers who need to take short term leave due to the arrival of a new baby, a chronic illness, or a relative in need of care.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Social Security into law in 1935, he referred to the newly created system as "A cornerstone in a structure which is being built but is by no means completed."

Since that time, we have built on FDR's cornerstone by expanding the Social Security system to cover nearly all workers and to include long-term disability benefits, Medicare, and Medicaid. Now, the time has come to build it up once more.

To Congress: