Stand up to Drug Corporations!

Our drug costs are out of control.

In 2014, the cost of prescription drugs in the United States skyrocketed by 12 percent. In that same year, 20 percent of the population - or 35 million people - did not fill a prescription because they could not afford it.

Thankfully, both remaining Democratic presidential candidates have detailed plans to lower costs and spur innovation by reining in drug company abuses. These plans recognize that Big Pharma's price-gouging is hurting seniors and working families.

The Republican plan is to maintain soaring pharmaceutical profits while American families pay through the nose.

Between now and the end of June, the Democratic Platform Committee is soliciting input on this year's Party Platform.

Stand with us in telling the Democratic Platform Committee to draw a clear distinction between the Democratic and Republican plans to deal with pharmaceutical price gouging. Tell them to endorse the following cost-saving measures in the Democratic Platform:

  1. Stopping direct-to-consumer drug company advertising subsidies (tax breaks), and reinvest funds in research.
  2. Requiring drug companies that benefit from taxpayers' support to invest in research, not marketing.
  3. Limiting out-of-pocket spending and demanding value
  4. Capping monthly and annual out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs
  5. Increasing competition for prescription drugs, including specialty drugs
  6. Prohibiting "pay for delay" arrangements
  7. Allowing Americans to safely import drugs from abroad
  8. Ensuring new drugs provide value rather than adding to cost without improving treatments and outcomes.
  9. Requiring higher rebates for prescription drugs in Medicare
  10. Allowing Medicare to negotiate drug and biologic prices
  11. Introducing generic competition with expensive drug patent monopolies (under government use and march-in powers)
  12. Penalizing pharmaceutical companies for excessive year-to-year price hikes

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