Petition: CA Clean Money

On Monday, Clean Money supporters like you made a massive stand for AB 700, the California DISCLOSE Act, at the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing in Sacramento.

AB 700 will strike the biggest blow yet against the unlimited secret money unleashed by Citizens United by requiring that ballot measure ads and ads about candidates from outside groups clearly disclose the real names of their top three funders — on the ads themselves.

AB 700 is now on the Senate Appropriations Committee suspense file.  Any day now, Senator Ricardo Lara (the chair) and Senate President pro Tem Kevin de Leon will decide whether to let it out or let it die.

Both Senators Lara and de Leon have long supported the California DISCLOSE Act.  Now we need their leadership more than ever.

Use this tool to email your Senator and ask them to support AB 700 and also send a special Thank you to Senate President pro Tem, Kevin de Leon.

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