Stand with Social Security Champion Rep. Barbara Lee: Expand, don’t cut Social Security!

For 81 years, through good times and bad, Social Security has been there for millions of seniors. Each month Social Security covers 60 million retirees, veterans, people with disabilities, children and surviving spouses.

But at a time when companies are doing away with pension plans and families are struggling to set aside savings for retirement, Social Security’s average annual benefit of just $14,375 is no longer cutting it.

That’s why – with an ever-growing senior population – we need to expand Social Security’s modest benefits.

We can achieve this by lifting the payroll tax cap of $118,500 and asking the wealthiest people in this country to pay their fair share into Social Security.

Stand with Social Security Champion Barbara Lee in calling on her colleagues in the House to listen to the American people and expand, not cut Social Security.

 To: Members of the House of Representatives

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