Tell Your Senators to Vote NO on Saudi Arms Deal

When millions of Americans call their elected officials demanding action we win. If your Senator pledges to VOTE NO we will win.

The US Senate is voting on the $1.5 Billion Saudi Arms Deal the week of August 2th; we can call our Senators at least twice between now and then to let them know how important it is for them to support SJ Res 39 and VOTE NO!

It's EASY to call your Senator
(Enter zip code- the phone number is next to the photo):

Tell them your name
Tell them you live in Virginia and give the city
Tell them to support SJ Res 39 and VOTE NO ON SAUDI ARMS DEAL!

While emails are important, calls are more effective. Please feel free to do both.

Listen to Marco Werman, of PRI's The World, interview a 10-year-old Yemen girl asking the American people to demand the US government stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia

* this is a powerful interview with a young girl in Yemen asking the US to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia on PRI.