Demand Policy Makers Commit to The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers

Claiming to support student loan borrowers is not enough without action. Forty-four million borrowers are carrying over $1.3 trillion in student loan debt - they can no longer wait for change. This is why I am pushing my community and public policy leaders to act now.

I pledge to be a student loan voter, someone who supports affordable higher education and common sense solutions to the student debt crisis that is holding back our economy.

I pledge to push my representatives to uphold the policy reforms included in The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers and to support 
policy makers as they work to make these reforms a reality.

Public policy makers must commit to fighting for the following reforms:

I pledge to be a Student Loan Voter and to support policy makers in their work to implement The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers.

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29343 1 month ago Yvonne Greenbaum san antonio, TX
29342 1 month ago Roberta Tuttle Croton, NY
29341 4 months ago Jacqueline Strouse San Diego, CA
29340 4 months ago Aundrea Black bainbridge, OH we need a change, how can we ask our children to flurish with an education if when they graduate, if they can even afford to graduate they spend there lives in a sea of debt with no future to help t...
29339 4 months ago Candace Thomas Houston , TX without social security reform the system we are paying into will not be there to support my generation through retirement. Why not take the thousands I've paid into the system, monies that I most c...
29338 5 months ago Dr. Alexander Henrich Hamburg, ot
29337 7 months ago Michelle Kelley San Antonio, TX Something has to change. The amount of interest and fees they charge is ridiculous. If you don’t pay it off’ll never finish paying it period.
29336 7 months ago Gabryella Pulsinelli Winston-Salem, NC
29335 9 months ago Dana Shoesmith LANDISVILLE, PA
29334 9 months ago Robert Lynch Brrokhaven, NY Rich people, politicians and lawbreakers are what make this country great. What makes this country great for you. The freedom of education????????
29333 10 months ago Gail Hatkoff Phoenix, AZ
29332 10 months ago Maria Sapia Cleveland, OH The school was not credited,I find out when I was doing my internship. The school never help me. I can't work as a dental assistant because of that and I have that debt that I can't pay because I dn...
29331 12 months ago rochelle house SEATTLE, WA
29330 1 year ago Dawn Wagner Rockville, MD I'm 39. I still have two student loans, and I'll have to get another when I go back to school. I'd also like to start saving for retirement. From all I've heard, the new tax code isn't going to do m...
29329 1 year ago Philip donnelly Newtown Square, PA
29328 1 year ago Philip donnelly Newtown Square, PA
29327 1 year ago MARY ANN DONNELLY Donnelly Newtown Square, PA
29326 1 year ago Stacie Valone jacksonville, FL please do something about the student loan crisis. No one with a college education should be struggling to live. I owe $90k in student loans and have been paying for over 3 years- but current balanc...
29325 1 year ago Yoidette Erima Brooklyn, NY
29324 1 year ago Elliot Brown New York City, NY
29323 1 year ago Stephanie Purcell Purcell Troy, OH Please do something about the student debt crisis.
29322 1 year ago Ashley Biggs Parkville, MD I borrowed 42K and I now owe 65k. Since January, I've made every payment. I looked down and noticed...that I paid over $2200 in interest and $80 towards the principal. And now I'm fighting with @Fed...
29321 1 year ago Martha Smith Venice, FL
29320 1 year ago Renee Royal Champaign, MD
29319 1 year ago Kimberly Stein Frisco, TX
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