Tell Congress to Vote Against Social Security Cuts

The President is maintaining his willingness to cut Social Security benefits for today’s seniors by imposing an inaccurate “chained CPI” formula, and to make unnamed Medicare cuts, in return for Republican support for more tax increases.

This would be a disastrous deal. It must be stopped.

Write your Senator and Representative today and tell them NO cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in any budget deal.

The "chained CPI" involves a change to the cost-of-living adjustment, which compounds over time, cutting Social Security benefits each and every year. By the time a typical retiree reaches age 85, they will have lost a total of $13,910 in benefits. And in their 85th year, their benefits will be reduced by $1,147. That cut amounts to the equivalent of 24 weeks of groceries, just in the year someone turns 85! And this is after an election when Vice President Joe Biden guaranteed “no changes in Social Security.”

We’ve got to get through to our representatives – in the Congress and the White House – to get them to stop using our vital programs as bargaining chips in a negotiation with Republicans that has already cut too much.

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