Protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and Cancel the Sequester

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Over 300,000 of you have said it’s time to #CancelTheSequester – and that’s why we joined with Alan Grayson, the Other 98% and MoveOn to personally deliver your signatures *directly* to Speaker John Boehner’s congressional office, telling him in no uncertain terms: the American people have had enough and want to end this sequester, period.

Now we have to make sure that everyone, including the White House, knows that the American people reject all benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.  

In an effort led by Alan Grayson, 31 members of Congress have pledged to vote against legislation that cuts Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare benefits. 

Let's make sure the White House knows we reject all benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

If 100,000 of us sign this petition, Alan Grayson will deliver it to the White House. 

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    Number Date Name
    24182 4.1 years ago Carlos Echevarria
    24181 4.2 years ago Stephanie Turner
    24180 4.2 years ago Wendy Vasquez
    24179 4.3 years ago Walter Fontaine
    24178 4.3 years ago margaret murray
    24177 4.4 years ago Alan Thurston
    24176 4.4 years ago Mike Bull
    24175 4.4 years ago Lindsey Hollands
    24174 4.4 years ago Aishia Stephens
    24173 4.4 years ago Anthony Morton
    24172 4.4 years ago Janis Todd
    24171 4.4 years ago Ann Rennacker
    24170 4.4 years ago Janis Todd
    24169 4.5 years ago Marcia Williams
    24168 4.5 years ago patricia stapf
    24167 4.5 years ago Debra Harbin
    24166 4.5 years ago James Carr
    24165 4.5 years ago barry nimitz
    24164 4.5 years ago barry nimitz
    24163 4.5 years ago Paul Campbell
    24162 4.5 years ago Mike McGinn
    24161 4.5 years ago Ghazi Massarani
    24160 4.5 years ago Janet Goryl
    24159 4.5 years ago Sloane Callahan I will agree to a cut when Congress, Senators, CEO, oil companies take a cut and millionaire, billionaires, banks, Wall Street and large corporations start paying their fair share. Why don't you sta...
    24158 4.5 years ago Gwen Alley The top earners are being coddled when the nation can't afford it. Its time they pay their fair share and stop. The hard working people of America should not suffer disproportionately so that those...
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