Human Chains Against the Chained CPI

Today, in more than 45 cities, real people are forming human chains to protest a proposed cut to Social Security called the Chained CPI. This change to Social Security's cost of living adjustments would cost Americans thousands of dollars in earned benefits at a time when people are already struggling to retire. 

Why do we need to stop this before it happens? Because some cuts never heal.

We are sick of Social Security cuts being snuck into federal deficit discussions. Our Social Security system does not contribute a dime to the deficit and is more important than ever. Fortunately, we have allies in the House and the Senate. There are resolutions of opposition to these cuts, but members say they need to hear from their constituents before they sign on.

We earned our Social Security benefits. Social Security serves almost everyone and took decades of planning and hard work to build – dismantling it now would be like getting rid of our highway system.