Paul Ryan's Budget Will Leave Us All Worse Off

Representative Paul Ryan released his annual budget on this morning, and it reads like a terrible April Fool’s joke. Of course, it’s not—these are the same terrible ideas he’s proposed every year since becoming budget chairman in 2011. Rep. Ryan’s plan protects tax breaks for the very rich and actually lowers taxes for corporations. It contains $4 trillion in cuts to programs that protect Americans who can least afford cuts. Medicare is privatized. Food stamps, college aid, support for schools, Head Start, child nutrition programs are savaged. And it creates a process designed to ensure Social Security cuts in the near future.

Rep. Ryan’s budget will increase inequality and misery, while slowing growth and costing jobs. And because the House of Representatives is packed with people who have already voted twice to privatize Medicare, it could pass.

The values expressed in this budget are shameful. The only people who would find themselves better off under Rep. Ryan’s plan are the ones who are already doing great. Your member of Congress should condemn its values and priorities forcefully. Fortunately, there’s another choice that would leave the rest of us better off, too: The Better Off Budget.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus’ Better Off Budget invests to put people back to work. In the first year, it will create nearly 7 million American jobs repairing our aging roads and bridges, and putting teachers, cops and firefighters back to work. And, separate from the budget, it endorses expanding our Social Security system and increasing benefits for everyone by about $800 per year. The Better Off Budget strengthens Medicare and Medicaid and provides high quality, low-cost medical coverage to millions of Americans when they need it most.

It’s an easy choice: Paul Ryan’s pessimistic budget, preserving prosperity of the very few who already enjoy it, or the CPC’s plan to leave us all better off.

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