Sign the petition: Tell Democratic holdouts to support increasing Social Security benefits

Some very serious people in Washington D.C. are advising Democrats to cut Social Security. But as Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) said: “the serious people are seriously out of touch.”

The serious people are also losing support, and fast, too. In less than two years, roughly half of all Democrats in Congress have endorsed expanding Social Security benefits instead of cutting them.

One avenue to expanding Social security is H.R. 3118, the Strengthening Social Security Act, which would modestly increase benefits and keep the program solvent by removing the income cap on Social Security taxes that unfairly protects the wealthy from paying their fair share.

As of last week, more than half of all Democrats in the House of Representatives have gone on the record in support of the Strengthening Social Security Act, because it is good policy and smart politics for the Democratic Party. Now, it is time for the rest to sign on.

Join Daily Kos and Social Security Works in urging the House Democrats who have not endorsed the Strengthen Social Security Act that it is time to expand Social Security, not cut it.

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