Raise the Minimum Wage!

Over the last four decades, income inequality has been eating away at the American social fabric. It is a core American value that those who work hard and play by the rules not be left to live or retire in poverty. And, while this issue is vitally important to the approximately 28 million workers who would benefit from a wage increase, this inequality has been eating away at the finances upholding our Social Security system.

In recent years, 95% of all new income in America has gone to the top 1%. And, at the same time, workers’ wages have been stagnant. This unequal growth in wages is responsible for one-third of Social Security’s projected long-term funding shortfall. You and I know that all it really takes to extend the life of Social Security is to ask the wealthy to start paying their fair share of taxes. Raising the minimum wage wouldn't replace that goal—but it would undoubtedly be a good start.

Join us in calling on Congress to raise the minimum wage and strengthen our Social Security system!

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