Demand Policy Makers Commit to The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers

Claiming to support student loan borrowers is not enough without action. Forty-four million borrowers are carrying over $1.3 trillion in student loan debt - they can no longer wait for change. This is why I am pushing my community and public policy leaders to act now.

I pledge to be a student loan voter, someone who supports affordable higher education and common sense solutions to the student debt crisis that is holding back our economy.

I pledge to push my representatives to uphold the policy reforms included in The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers and to support 
policy makers as they work to make these reforms a reality.

Public policy makers must commit to fighting for the following reforms:

I pledge to be a Student Loan Voter and to support policy makers in their work to implement The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers.

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29230 Michelle Hofeling Bluffdale, UT
29229 Stephanie Francis Lansing, MI
29228 Tiffany McKinney Indianapolis, IN
29227 Jonathan Silverberg wheeling, IL
29226 Diego Ramirez Gilroy , CA
29224 dawn fairchild OH
29223 Raechel Gallert Wyoming , MI
29222 rhonda stevenson TN
29221 Kristin Mannke MA
29220 Denise Mercherson Chicago, IL
29219 Holly Sweeney Portland , OR
29218 Megan Lusk Jefferson city , MO
29217 Abigail Rekas MA
29216 Avery Smith #2, NJ
29215 Erica Breuer Littleton , CO
29214 Dawn Lausa Seattle, WA
29213 Kim Mindek New Castle , PA
29212 Donna Read Denver, CO
29211 Rebecca Noonan Fond du Lac, WI
29210 Laura Mangini Newtown Square , PA
29209 Tracey Boyd NJ
29208 Lisa Heidbreder North Pekin, IL
29207 Shawn Silva Whittier, CA
29206 Maria Kolodziej Ronkonkoma, NY
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