Protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and Cancel the Sequester

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Over 300,000 of you have said it’s time to #CancelTheSequester – and that’s why we joined with Alan Grayson, the Other 98% and MoveOn to personally deliver your signatures *directly* to Speaker John Boehner’s congressional office, telling him in no uncertain terms: the American people have had enough and want to end this sequester, period.

Now we have to make sure that everyone, including the White House, knows that the American people reject all benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.  

In an effort led by Alan Grayson, 31 members of Congress have pledged to vote against legislation that cuts Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare benefits. 

Let's make sure the White House knows we reject all benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

If 100,000 of us sign this petition, Alan Grayson will deliver it to the White House. 

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    24062 5.5 years ago Mark Rickling
    24061 5.5 years ago Lisa Barnes
    24060 5.5 years ago Gaye Mueller
    24059 5.5 years ago Wayne Leverton
    24058 5.5 years ago Brian Bellas
    24057 5.5 years ago Lynne Lihotz
    24056 5.5 years ago michael boshears
    24055 5.5 years ago Sharon Gould just heard news that Obama has put Social Security benefit cuts on the table. Doesn't he understand that we paid into the system and depend on it? Ask our legislators to take the silver spoon out ...
    24054 5.5 years ago J.
    24053 5.5 years ago Ned Higgins Ned Higgins
    24052 5.5 years ago s jones
    24051 5.5 years ago James Brown
    24050 5.5 years ago John Green
    24049 5.5 years ago Lesley Patton
    24048 5.5 years ago Melissa McCreary
    24047 5.5 years ago linda friedman
    24046 5.5 years ago Donna Mroczynski
    24045 5.5 years ago Valeriu Matei
    24044 5.5 years ago Jessica Wardlaw
    24043 5.5 years ago Claudia Greco
    24042 5.5 years ago Sharon Cappuccio
    24041 5.5 years ago Daniel Beck
    24040 5.5 years ago Luis Sanchez
    24039 5.5 years ago Theresa Duperon
    24038 5.5 years ago Jessica Meade
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