Protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and Cancel the Sequester

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Over 300,000 of you have said it’s time to #CancelTheSequester – and that’s why we joined with Alan Grayson, the Other 98% and MoveOn to personally deliver your signatures *directly* to Speaker John Boehner’s congressional office, telling him in no uncertain terms: the American people have had enough and want to end this sequester, period.

Now we have to make sure that everyone, including the White House, knows that the American people reject all benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.  

In an effort led by Alan Grayson, 31 members of Congress have pledged to vote against legislation that cuts Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare benefits. 

Let's make sure the White House knows we reject all benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

If 100,000 of us sign this petition, Alan Grayson will deliver it to the White House. 

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    51-75 of 24187 signatures
    Number Date Name
    24137 5.7 years ago vivian morales Go Alan. I agree
    24136 5.7 years ago Joyce Lin
    24135 5.7 years ago Karen Berger
    24134 5.7 years ago John Berman
    24133 5.7 years ago Lynn kriegstein I am 110% behind you!
    24132 5.7 years ago Ann Thomas I would consider certain ONLY when Congress cuts their benefits, which they NEVER paid into!!!
    24131 5.7 years ago Karen Winchester
    24130 5.7 years ago D P
    24129 5.7 years ago Robert Gustaveson
    24128 5.7 years ago Lara DeLuz
    24127 5.7 years ago Janet Wynne The last round of budget cuts removed the Rx benefit for disabled people. Added more than $125 in monthly costs
    24126 5.7 years ago Pamela Davis We will keep FIGHTING, no matter what happens.
    24125 5.7 years ago Katherine MacTavish
    24124 5.7 years ago sheryll colbert See Mr. Boehner is a person that thinks he is doing the right thing, but he is not. his ss benefits are fine and all the money the special inters people have paid him. he feels he can do what he wan...
    24123 5.7 years ago Carol Preece
    24122 5.7 years ago Frank & Dana Bovee
    24121 5.7 years ago Mary Magnus
    24120 5.7 years ago Ellen Lease
    24119 5.7 years ago Cynthia Miller It is not necessary to penalize our hard fought social programs. We spend too much on military hardware, on reduced taxation for businesses and the wealthy to begin with the neediest of Americans.
    24118 5.7 years ago ALICE CRAWFORD
    24117 5.7 years ago Chris Hass
    24116 5.7 years ago Evelyn C Lundstrom
    24115 5.7 years ago Shirley Vitela
    24114 5.7 years ago Jo Holmes
    24113 5.7 years ago David Baker
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