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With more than $1.4 trillion in student debt holding back Americans of all ages and backgrounds, the time has come for a change. Instead of cutting Pell Grants, unleashing debt collectors, dismantling public education, and forcing faculty to rely on public assistance, it’s time for a plan that offers students, faculty, borrowers, and families the support they need.

We’re ready for the College For All Act to give students—past, present, and future—an equitable path to a college degree, a debt-free future, and return higher education to the public.

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80885 4 weeks ago Anne Blanchard Enosburg Falls, VT
80884 2 months ago Wayne Glasman Woodstock, GA
80883 6 months ago Ed Bray Saint Louis, MO
80882 6 months ago Sally Roberts Wilson Morgantown, WV
80881 7 months ago Sarah Becerra Carrollton, TX I work in higher education, so I know the importance of a college degree. However, I did not know how much I was being taken advantage of by these financing companies when I needed to take loans in ...
80880 7 months ago Melissa Beyersdorfer Broadview Hts, OH
80879 8 months ago Anonymous Novi, MI
80878 9 months ago Anonymous CA
80877 9 months ago Anonymous Alameda , CA I support this legislation!!!
80876 9 months ago Giovanni Lara San Francisco, CA I support this legislation!! I don't want to be buried in debt for the rest of my working years. I want the ability to pursue my dreams and further my education without the heavy burden of debt that...
80875 9 months ago BRIDGET MAY San Francisco, CA
80874 9 months ago Amy Lynch New orleans, LA
80873 9 months ago Randy Flannery San Francisco, CA People should not have to decide on whether to pay for their health care or default on their school loan. We need to care for our taxpaying youth with better options than loan sharks taking advantag...
80872 9 months ago Karen Bayley-Ewell San Francisco, CA People should be leaving college unburded by debt, ready to work, and invest in their future.
80871 9 months ago Carole Toebe CA
80870 9 months ago William McGrath Walnut Creek, CA
80869 10 months ago Darlene Vautrin Clayton, NY
80868 10 months ago Anonymous Naugatuck, CT
80867 11 months ago Mariel Borja Borja Sinajana , GU Post college financial stability within 10 years or less would be a dream come true ????
80866 11 months ago Kristina Mcmanus NY Can’t afford to live or save for my future. I’m drowned my in debt. I keep paying and the interest keeps growing. Help!
80865 11 months ago Jessica Burgos reyes FL I want to teach and my husband wants his own business but we can't afford the education to get us started. You want a booming economy? Help us help you!
80864 11 months ago Anonymous Fairfield, CA
80863 11 months ago Fareed Adams Kendall Park, NJ
80862 11 months ago jack hannon Stafford, VA
80861 11 months ago Evan Hauge Marina, CA
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