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With more than $1.4 trillion in student debt holding back Americans of all ages and backgrounds, the time has come for a change. Instead of cutting Pell Grants, unleashing debt collectors, dismantling public education, and forcing faculty to rely on public assistance, it’s time for a plan that offers students, faculty, borrowers, and families the support they need.

We’re ready for the College For All Act to give students—past, present, and future—an equitable path to a college degree, a debt-free future, and return higher education to the public.

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80860 1 year ago Jennifer Fischer IN
80859 1 year ago Anonymous Ansonia, CT These loans are consuming our lives and there is no way we'll be able to retire and my children are holding off marriage,having a family and getting into a relationship due to these loans.
80858 1 year ago MARLENA MARKELL Forest Ranch, CA Of course everyone who wants to go to college should have help....
80857 1 year ago Anonymous Eden Prairie, MN
80856 1 year ago Melissa Uroda Wimberley, TX As a public school teacher, trying to pay college tuition for 2 children is out of my reach. My children will graduate in debt - even after using all of their Texas Tuition Promise Fund. I am a publ...
80855 1 year ago Marie Schalk Pevely, MO
80854 1 year ago Anonymous WI
80853 1 year ago Anonymous Palm Bay, FL Everyone should have the opportunity to go to college.Even if they don't want to - they have a choice. It should'nt be so costly. It is an investment for our future generations.
80852 1 year ago Anonymous Farmer City, IL I support this legislation!!!Student debt has crushed me to not want to continue pursing my educational goals. I'm divorced with one child and a horrible credit rating because student loans, and I c...
80851 1 year ago Jaime Rosado PR
80850 1 year ago L. Max Taylor VT
80849 1 year ago Nelly Vidal San juan, PR
80848 1 year ago Ashley Harris MI
80847 1 year ago Marc Streem Randolph, NJ
80846 1 year ago Anonymous Los Angeles, CA
80845 1 year ago B MacDonald Greenfield, MA
80844 1 year ago Emilio Reyes CA
80843 1 year ago Kevin Coe Woodbridge, VA
80842 1 year ago Sean Stark Alexandria, VA
80841 1 year ago Anonymous CA
80840 1 year ago Jose Orlando Chacon Cerriteno Oxnard, CA I support this legislation!!!
80839 1 year ago Billy Moore Tucson, AZ
80838 1 year ago Anthony Baucicaut Brooklyn, NY
80837 1 year ago Harmony Hudson Jackson, WY
80836 1 year ago P A MD
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