COLA Cut Call-In Day Count-On-Me


Social Security faces an immediate threat from politicians in Washington. They want to:

Cut Social Security’s COLA to reduce the deficit. But Social Security doesn’t contribute a penny to the deficit.

Raid Social Security to give corporations a tax break, jeopardizing the Social Security benefits you and 54 million other Americans rely on. Corporations shouldn’t get another handout.

We can stop these cuts and this raiding of Social Security. Join thousands of Americans who will call their U.S. Senators this Thursday and Friday, July 14-15, to stop this outrage.


Social Security belongs to you. You pay for it in every paycheck. It should not be used as a piggy bank by Washington’s politicians. Don’t let them cut it or raid it!

The cuts to Social Security’s COLA are significant – about $600 a year after 10 years and $1,000 a year after 20 years, on average. Today’s benefits are just $13,000 a year, on average.

A proposal to cut by one-third the amount corporations contribute for your Social Security benefits must be stopped. Wall Street banks, Big Oil and others do NOT need another taxpayer handout. They are already making record profits and creating few jobs.

COUNT ON ME ON JULY 14 & 15 TO Tell Congress: Don’t raid Social Security to give corporations another tax break! Don’t cut the Social Security COLA!

We can defeat these proposals – but it requires your urgent help.