Tell Congress to Support Working Families and the Unemployed, Not Millionaires!

Congress has some stark choices facing them during this brief session. They must decide how to support millions of unemployed and middle class families who face losing unemployment benefits and a tax increase by the end of December.


Some are arguing that the Middle Class and out of work Americans will only get help if there are permanent tax breaks for millionaires. That is what extending the Bush tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans amounts to.


Over two million unemployed are about to permanently lose their benefits unless Congress acts immediately.  Don’t listen to the skeptics – unemployment is one of the best investments in our communities and creates immediate economic activity as that money is spent.


98 percent of Americans face losing their tax breaks – unless Congress agrees to support working parents, middle class families and unemployed Americans who have taken the brunt of the recession and need long term tax relief. A one year extension of either tax relief or unemployment insurance is not enough to help working Americans get back on their feet.


Send your message to Congress now – tell them to protect unemployed workers and tax relief for you and other middle class families. They need to know that you support the programs that create jobs and support the local economy that we depend on at home.