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Support a Strong Solar Industry to Power America

The Solar Energy Industries Association is building a strong solar industry to power America. We can't do it alone. Powerful organizations are leveraging their resources to lobby congress and your state legislatures to stop the solar industry from growing. Please sign the petition below to let your government know: you stand with the solar industry. 

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    Number Date Name Tell us why you support solar
    1731 1 week ago Robert Bruno Because it's the right thing to do !
    1730 2 weeks ago Juliana Lopez Because I think we need to find a new source of energy and help the planet
    1729 2 weeks ago Ruby Joanna Thompson Solar is a clean alternative energy source and decreases our dependence on gas.
    1728 3 weeks ago Brittany Pedersen I support solar so my children and myself can have a better, cleaner future and breathe easy. Clean energy is breathable energy.
    1727 3 weeks ago Antonio Viejo It is unbelievable that the Sunshine State lags in solar power production. Something needs to be done to increase the investment of renewable energy in Florida, creating jobs and reducing harmful em...
    1726 1 month ago shawntel dausy I want to put solar panels on my sw florida home
    1725 1 month ago Diane Carothers I support solar because it is better for the environment.
    1724 1 month ago Ann L. Grewe We installed 26 solar panels (almost 6Kw) on our south-facing Florida roof in 2011 to "put our money where our mouth is" and support green energy use in the United States.
    1723 2 months ago Rich Campbell Going green.
    1722 2 months ago Luis Colon
    1721 2 months ago Jenna Miles
    1720 2 months ago Rolf Steinhauser
    1719 2 months ago Nicole Weber
    1718 2 months ago Stacey Calvert
    1717 2 months ago Stacey Calvert
    1716 2 months ago Barbara Vieira
    1715 2 months ago Duane Baker
    1714 2 months ago Rachael Moore
    1713 2 months ago Joseph Wenzel
    1712 2 months ago cassie moi
    1711 3 months ago Brian Morgan Lets save the world and save some money.
    1710 3 months ago Donald Alexander Solar energy cuts down on my high utility cost plus it’s an alternative clean energy source which gives me some control over my electricity bill.
    1709 3 months ago Eleanor Parker
    1708 3 months ago Junho Song
    1707 3 months ago Bob Solger
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