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Thank Gov Cuomo for being a solar champion

Since taking office, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a solar champion, instituting new programs and legislation that allows the solar industry to flourish in the state.

In April 2012, Gov. Cuomo launched the NY-Sun Initiative, which is delivering on his goal of driving growth in the state’s solar industry and lowering solar costs for all New Yorkers. Last August, he passed a package of policies that provided tax credits and incentives to keep solar businesses in the state. Finally, in this year’s State of the State address, he committed to extending the NY-Sun Initiative through 2023. 

With the first round of the new NY-Sun Competitive PV Program off to a shining start, we want to thank the governor for his extraordinary solar leadership. This is what’s turning New York into a world-class local solar industry, creating new solar jobs across the state, building a more resilient power grid, and tackling climate change head-on. Learn more>>

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