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Support Solar in North Carolina

This year, the North Carolina General Assembly is considering a bill that would repeal the state's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS), a critical policy to the health of the state's solar industry. The bill has already passed one of the hurdles it faces in the legislature and now they've got our attention.

We need your help gathering our online network. Even though legislators seem to be ignoring article, after article, after article, after article, after article opposing this bill, we still believe that our elected officials will listen to voters in their districts. We must hold them accountable.

Please add your name to the list and tell us why you support solar.

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Number Date Name Why do you support solar in ...
141 2 months ago Bradley Buck
140 11 months ago Kent Trowbridge
139 11 months ago Kevin Cushing It's a long-term solution to our energy needs with far less negative environmental effects than traditional fossil fuels or nuclear power.
138 11 months ago Carlos E.
137 11 months ago Kyle Vincek I am employed by a leading solar installation company in southeastern NC. I believe in the many benefits solar technology has offered society. It's clean, quiet, dependable, and is a wise financial ...
136 11 months ago Raye Sarch
135 11 months ago Nancy Kelly
134 11 months ago Margaret Beck
133 11 months ago Robert Brown
132 11 months ago Eleanor Schwank
131 11 months ago Prisilla Delaney
130 11 months ago Jesse Chacon
129 11 months ago Mark Salamon
128 11 months ago Brian Paradise
127 11 months ago Linda Hanykova
126 11 months ago Dale Patterson
125 11 months ago Nicole Maschke
124 11 months ago Abdul Asim Wow great help of from me if America improve the installation of solar industry,North Carolina is good place to installation my many friends like the solar its only telling about solar.And i want le...
123 11 months ago enrico verga
122 11 months ago Jo Ellen Bate Solar is already reducing our dependence on dwindling oil supplies, but our nation still lags far behind countries like Germany. We should be leaders! Solar is a win-win, producing jobs; increasing ...
121 11 months ago Anonymous
120 11 months ago Christopher Sego
119 11 months ago Anonymous
118 11 months ago April Ewaskey
117 11 months ago Jillana Laufer
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