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Protect Californians' Solar Rights!

We can’t let the utilities rewrite the rules on solar customers to protect their outdated business model. 

Sign our petition to tell the California Public Utilities Commission that they shouldn't change the rules on Californians with rooftop solar! 

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    Number Date Name Location Why do you support solar in ...
    528 1 week ago Paul Wilkes Hesperia, CA It saves me money and Point of Use generation makes good sense.
    527 2 weeks ago C Rush CA I have rooftop solar since2009. I know firsthand how beneficial it is.
    526 3 weeks ago Suzan Woodruff CA
    525 4 weeks ago Dave Nelson Chico, CA
    524 4 weeks ago Bill Friedman Richmond, CA
    523 1 month ago Marie Goewert Clovis, CA I have solar myself, partly as a hedge against the constant rising of utility bills. Second, It's better for the environment and I've been in the environmental industry for the past 28 years.
    522 1 month ago Eugene Wilson Davis, CA Allow customers who install solar under the current program to continue under current net metering rules for at least 30 years.
    521 1 month ago Mike Starry Fresno, CA I have asthma in the 1st or 2nd worst air-polluted location in the US; I know how good the Chevy Volt is; I hate the Kochs; after my son finishes college I will get PV for my and rental roofs and ...
    520 1 month ago Jean Chou CA
    519 2 months ago Walter Johnson CA
    518 2 months ago Fernando Lopes Sausalito , CA We need clean energy and avoiding costly eletric generators.
    517 2 months ago Matthew Mahaffey Winton, CA Our utilities need Photovoltaic system installations as well as our communities. Give people the benefit of their investments.
    516 2 months ago eve segasture CA
    515 2 months ago Robert Knasin Chatsworth, CA We the citizens have been asked by the politicians, ecology organizations and even the utilities themselves to invest in solar to help the environment and defer the need to build new power plants. N...
    514 2 months ago Walter Ellard San Diego, CA As we also have solar pv on our roof, what give any utility the right to charge for the suns power.
    513 3 months ago jose lopez CA
    512 3 months ago Tom Smith oakland, CA Solar is the cleanest power source
    511 3 months ago Gilbert Anthony Grass Valley, CA The world needs it
    510 3 months ago Susannah Kegler San Pedro, CA
    509 3 months ago Alistair MacCabe CA I have been in the industry since 1979. I saw what happened in 1985 when government fiat collapsed the industry and it mostly went to Europe and China. At it's worst, anything less than 30 years is ...
    508 3 months ago Clemens Goewert Clovis, CA I have solar. I believe in solar energy development. People who install solar are trying to support the future of everyone and not big power suppliers.
    507 3 months ago Lori Conrad Davis, CA
    506 3 months ago Jillana Laufer Studio City, CA I strongly support the solar initiative and concept-in-action. It's good for the environment. It's good for the economy. And it's good for cutting down our emissions. Solar power is a win-win fo...
    505 3 months ago Robert Thurman LaCrescenta 91214, CA Its my lively hood.
    504 3 months ago Thomas Wilkinson CA
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