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24439 1 year ago Keith Fagan This practice will bring about the next great plague if it is not curtailed. The science is well known and thoroughly understood. It is not controversial, or up for debate. 23,000 people a year p...
24438 1 year ago Jena Robbins
24437 1 year ago Anonymous
24436 1 year ago Beverly Cotton
24435 2.1 years ago Graham Douglas, J.D.
24434 2.1 years ago Anonymous
24433 2.3 years ago Deborah McKnight
24432 2.3 years ago Tamar Dick
24431 2.4 years ago Rachel Green
24430 2.8 years ago Enrique Peña Jr End the use of Antibiotics in all Factory Farms Now!
24429 2.9 years ago Sayenne Heijkamp
24428 2.9 years ago mercy myers pass the bills aimed at ending this practice -- HR 1150, the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA) and S 1256, the Preventing Antibiotic Resistance Act (PARA).
24427 3.2 years ago Anonymous
24426 3.2 years ago Karen Jensen really - do you eat out often?
24425 3.2 years ago Barbara lyon please get rid of using antibiotics in cattle, chickens and pigs. It is not necessary to give this to animals and we do not appreciate having it in our meat.
24424 3.2 years ago Anonymous
24423 3.2 years ago Elizabeth Heim
24422 3.2 years ago AJ King is he stupid or what
24421 3.2 years ago Diane Paules
24420 3.2 years ago Bill Godzisz
24419 3.2 years ago Michael McDonald
24418 3.2 years ago Barbara Edgeworth
24417 3.2 years ago colin thrush Live 1 mile from 10 thousand head of cattle on cafo
24416 3.2 years ago George Servais
24415 3.2 years ago Marilyn Whiting
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