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Tell Your Senators: Reject the House’s Devastating Cuts to Pell Grants

Speak Up for a Budget that Protects Pell Grants, Education, Job Training

Thanks to everyone who took action last week and urged the House to reject H.R. 1, a budget resolution that includes devastating cuts to Pell Grants, education funding, and job training programs. Unfortunately the House passed that resolution last weekend, arguing that by making these cuts, we will reduce the deficit and boost the economy.  But we can’t improve our economy by cutting our workers off at the knees. 

These devastating budget cuts will harm millions of hard-working Americans – low-income Pell Grant recipients working towards a degree, single moms going back to school so they can get a better job to support their families, laid-off workers building job skills so they can compete in emerging industries.  Cutting these programs will force thousands to give up on their dreams of a better future, and will prevent us from creating the highly-trained, highly-skilled workforce that we need to recover from the recession and compete in a global economy.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on its own budget resolution next week. Act now. Tell your Senators to reject H.R. 1, and any budget resolution that cuts funding for Pell Grants, education, and job training.  American workers need these programs, and our future depends on them.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here