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 Urge your legislators to support paid sick days.

No one should be forced to
choose between their health and a job.

Nearly three million Illinois workers are forced to go to work sick because they don’t have a single paid sick day. The Healthy Workplace Act provides an essential and basic benefit to Illinois workers.

The proposed Healthy Workplace Act (SB 128) will:

•    Allow employees to earn up to 7 paid sick days per year, accrued hourly for every 30 hours worked.
•    Provide leave: 1) for an employee’s own illness; 2) to care for the illness of an employee’s family member; or 3) for medical appointments.

The Healthy Workplace Act is not only good for workers, but businesses also benefit.

•    Workers return faster to full productivity because they regain their health faster.
•    Ill workers do not infect others, which decreases absentee expenses.
•    Reduces turnover and re-training costs.

The Healthy Workplace Act also protects the public.

•    Infections and disease are less likely to spread to co-workers.
•    Customers and patients are protected when workers in food service and health settings can stay home when ill.

Urge your legislators to support healthy workers and workplaces by becoming a co-sponsor of the Healthy Workplace Act.

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