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Support Sick Days for American Families

Did you know that more than 80 percent of low-wage workers don’t have a single paid sick day?  When they are sick, they either have to go to work or put their families in jeopardy by risking their paychecks or even their jobs.  That’s not ok!  It’s about time that all workers had access to paid sick days.

Join Women Employed and advocates all across the nation in supporting federal legislation that would provide the basic right to take a paid sick day.  Add your name to the Healthy Families Act petition!

American workers need paid sick days. When people don’t have to choose between their health or their paycheck, we all benefit. Paid sick days benefit employers as well by reducing turnover, lost productivity, and contagion. And I won’t have to worry about being infected by the people I come into contact with every day. I support paid sick days; I support the Healthy Families Act!

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