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Tell Governor Rauner to Strengthen Illinois’ Equal Pay law to
Cover All Employees

Women are half of the labor force. Illinois’s Equal Pay Act should provide workplace protections against pay inequity based on gender to workers at any size employer. HB 3619 will make this necessary change, and it’s sitting on the Governor’s desk waiting to be signed. Here are some reasons why the governor should sign it:

  • Full-time working women still earn on average only 78 percent of what men earn—and this is worse for women of color, at just 64 cents for African Americans and 54 cents for Latinas.
  • The wage gap adds up over the years with raises, bonuses, pensions, and Social Security. So over a working lifetime, it’s estimated that women will earn approximately half a million dollars less than men.
  • In two-thirds of families with children, women are breadwinners or co-breadwinners. Ensuring that women get the equal pay they deserve helps families afford the basics of life.

Let the governor know that employees working at any size employer should be protected from pay inequity.