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Tell Corbett you object to his Educaton/Job/Transit Killing Budget!

In his first 2012 budget address Governor Corbett indicated he would propose MORE job killing cuts to our schools, social services, public transit, and more. 

Meanwhile 70% of corporations in Pennsylvania pay NO STATE INCOME TAX.  This is wrong. Corbett is balancing Pennsylvania's budget on the backs of low and moderate income citizens and letting corporations off the hook.

Sign the petition below telling him this isn't fair! We need to invest in our future by funding education, public transit and a safety net for vulnerable populations.

Governor Corbett,
It is wrong that so many loopholes allow corporations to not pay their fair share. 476 underfunded school districts means bigger classes, higher drop out rates, cuts in arts, languages, and other curriculum, cancelled sports seasons, and laid off teachers all across the State. Is this really what we want for our communities? For our children?

We need you to make public education a top priority. We ask that you;

~make no further cuts
~return funding levels to the 2009 levels
~use a fair funding formula that protects higher needs districts with more students in poverty, learning English and with disabilities.

Stop cutting investments in our future in the form of education funding, transit funding and other critical services and letting corporations off the hook. It's not fair.
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