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The message is clear: The country needs strong progressive leaders to Run for America to get back our rights - state by state. That's how conservatives have run this race. They have long understood the value and the power of communities identifying and supporting neighbors, family members and other leaders in their lives who they trust to run on the ideas that are important to them. So do we! That's how we're going to beat them to the finish line in 2012 and beyond.

And she or he could be right next to you!

Join Progressive Majority's Run for America grassroots campaign to find passionate, diverse, and forward-thinking progressives to run for America.

Find those progressive candidates now!

When you join, we'll show you how to:

- Activate your network to identify and recruit potential candidates

- Approach progressives to run for office

- Build a local chapter with other progressives in your state

Join us now!

Find the next progressive leader who will get us on the right track to champion workers' rights, restore the middle class, protect our freedoms, and ensure that our children receive the education they deserve. These are all the ways we will rebuild the American dream.

But we cannot do it without you…Are you ready join us?