Flip the script on Wisconsin: Tax Wall Street

The fight in Wisconsin is just downstream from the Wall Street swindle. It isn’t really about deficits. And it certainly isn’t about teachers or civil servants being too well paid! It’s about power. The corporate right is trying to exploit the economic crisis to make the rich still richer. It’s time to say “No” -- time to make Wall Street pay its fair share.
With taxes on corporations and the wealthy falling, they expect the rest of us to make up the difference. . . from Wisconsin to Ohio to the nation as a whole. It’s time to flip the script.

Please sign our petition demanding that Congress pass a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street traders.  We'll deliver it to the 75 members of the Progressive Caucus.

We have a modest proposal:  Pass a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street traders.
  • A tiny tax on Wall Street transactions would raise $100 billion per year in revenue and $1 trillion in ten years.
  • This “Financial Transaction Tax” would rein in the footloose market speculators.
  • It would put Wall Street to work for Main Street.
The super-rich players played us when they pushed to deregulate Wall Street. They caused the global economic collapse with their “greed is good” ethic. The financial crisis in the states is a direct result of these Wall Street manipulations.

Is it any surprise that before he became Ohio’s anti-union governor, John Kasich was a high-paid executive at the now-defunct Lehman Brothers pushing Ohio’s pension fund into the kinds of risky investments that nearly tanked our nation’s economy?

There’s plenty of wealth in Wisconsin, in Ohio, in our country. The problem? Most of it is at the top. We can’t have democracy when the top one percent in our nation have more assets than the bottom 95 percent.  And we can’t allow state deficits to become a conversation about which group of workers gets cut the most.

We call on you, the members of the Progressive Caucus, to introduce and boldly promote a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street now. It’s time Wall Street paid for the mess they made.
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Sign here and we will deliver your message loud and clear to the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which has the potential to be a major force for flipping the script on Capitol Hill.