Mr. President: Stop Pushing Nuclear Power

Japan’s nuclear power plants are melting down, making it even clearer that nuclear has no place in a clean, green, safe energy future. Sign our letter to the president today.

Dear President Obama,

We are calling on you to turn away from nuclear power once and for all.

We were dismayed at the statement released by the White House yesterday that your administration is committed to “ensuring that nuclear energy is produced safely and responsibly here in the U.S.”

Nuclear power -- from uranium mining to fuel fabrication to reactor operations to nuclear waste that will remain deadly for hundreds of thousands of years -- is, in fact, a moral crime against future generations.

Nuclear power is a danger to our people and our planet. As the New York Times reported on Monday, “most of the nuclear plants in the United States share some or all of the risk factors that played a role at Fukushima Daiichi.”

We call on you to abandon all efforts to come up with federal loan guarantees to revive the construction of nuclear power plants in this country. The 104 nuclear-power reactors already in operation here are 104 too many.

We insist that the United States must reject the nuclear-power option and -- at last -- devote adequate resources to developing safe, green and sustainable energy solutions.

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