You can help free Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot photoFor the “crime” of performing a song against Russia’s president Vladimir Putin in a Moscow church, three women in the Pussy Riot band -- Yekaterina Samutsevich, Maria Alekhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova -- have each been sentenced to two years in prison.

But a court hearing in early September could reduce their sentences. There’s no time to lose.

“We emphasize that we advocate for non-violence and hold a grudge against no one,” the three women wrote in a recent letter. They added that “our laughter is, in a sense, laughter through the tears, and our sarcasm is a reaction to the lawlessness.”

After a trial that sometimes was no more logical than the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, these women should be free, not locked up in prison! phoned Moscow and talked with Nadya Tolokonnikova’s husband, the artist and Pussy Riot activist Pyotr Verzilov. We were proud to tell him that RootsAction is launching this major online petition campaign in the United States.

Please take action now -- so history will show that when Russian autocrats cracked down on these brave feminist activists because of their demonstrated commitment to human rights, free expression and democracy, huge numbers of Americans responded with love and solidarity!